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Rebuild from the REPL

  1. Run (ironscheme-build)
  2. Restart IronScheme

Rebuild from command-line

  1. Run echo (ironscheme-build) | IronScheme.Console

Building a debug build from the REPL

  1. Run (begin (debug-mode #t) (ironscheme-build))
  2. Restart IronScheme

Building a debug build from command-line

  1. Run echo (begin (debug-mode #t) (ironscheme-build)) | IronScheme.Console

  • only files in the build and psyntax directory are compiled into the bootfile.
  • the above mentioned makes up mostly of R6RS and a few extra IronScheme-specific procedures.
  • take care when making changes to the build system as this can break your IronScheme installation.
  • if screwed, delete ironscheme.boot.dll and replace with the original installation file.
  • for a base system, with only the compound (ironscheme) as well as all of (rnrs) libraries, only the 4 dll's are required.
  • add IronScheme.Console.exe to run standalone. add libraries as needed.

Directory descriptions

Contains the core IronScheme implementation of R6RS and a few additional procedures.

Contains the syntactic layer and module system for R6RS.

Contains all IronScheme libraries not compiled into the bootfile.

Contains all the SRFI's currently supported by IronScheme.

Miscellaneous libraries supported by IronScheme.

Contains various tests.

Experimental code.

Build process

  1. The current IronScheme system loads the psyntax libraries
  2. The entire content of build and psyntax is then expanded into an intermediary representation
  3. The intermediary code is then compiled to a .NET assembly (
  4. When IronScheme restarts, it will look for this file, and replace the existing ironscheme.boot.dll with the newer version

  • The previous successfully compiled is backed up in case of problem with new version.

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