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1.0 Alpha 3

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Released: Apr 5, 2008
Updated: Apr 5, 2008 by leppie
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Release Notes

Release notes for IronScheme 1.0 Alpha 3

What is IronScheme?

IronScheme will aim to be a compliant R6RS Scheme implementation on the Microsoft DLR.
IronScheme provides 2 run modes: either via direct invocation on the commandline or via a REPL interactive

Notably lacking for R6RS

  • call/cc only supports outward continuations
  • Guard does not work as expected (due to above)
  • Unicode: title casing is kinda broken, fold casing not implemented
  • Complex numbers
  • Some functionality lacking in ports (endianess, buffer-mode, file-options, eol options)
  • Some functionality lacking in number conversions/printing


  • Enumerations limited to 64 symbols


  • all raise's are continuable in the sense they can be caught
  • no tail calls in dynamic-wind


  • a generic load procedure for toplevel R6RS files
  • many extras procedures and macros in (ironscheme) library, mostly provided by psyntax
  • syntactic CLR integration, automatic conversion of closures into delegates


  • you can refer to variables defined in the REPL by importing the (ironscheme interaction) library
  • libraries defined in the REPL can be accessed from their given library name
  • values is represented as a vector


  • Abdulaziz Ghuloum and Kent Dybvig for psyntax (and friends)
  • Derick Eddington for making SRFI-1 R6RS compatible
  • Philip L. Bewig for SRFI-41
  • Marc Feeley for pretty-print

Planned to-do's (before final release)

  • testing of correct argument type conversions
  • testing of overflow arithmetic cases
  • testing of expected exceptions
  • testing of anything else
  • any additional CLR integration required
  • most of the lacking procedures
  • documentation

Updated (fixed/new)

  • Added Mono executable
  • Fixed tail call issue with DynamicMethod (note: tail calls appears not to work on Mono)
  • Many fixes to generic number operations
  • Partial support for complex numbers
  • Removed legacy bootstrap code
  • Various speed improvements
  • Started with a documentation system

Downloads below:

The zip is just a snapshot of the installation directory, it can be put anywhere.
Run 'ngen install ironscheme.boot.exe' to make IronScheme alot faster. Not needed for installer.

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