Jan 4, 2008 at 2:34 AM
Edited Jun 23, 2008 at 11:29 AM

1. How to build ironscheme.boot file?

From the REPL run (ironscheme-build) or from the commandline: ironscheme.console /run:ironscheme-buildscript.ss. This can take 20-60 seconds.
Restart ironscheme.console, it will now compile the output from the build and load normally. This can take 10-30 seconds. It will now use the built file for future sessions.

2. How do I run IronScheme on Mono?

Start the Mono Command Prompt, change directory to your IronScheme install location, start with: mono IronScheme.Console.exe -notabcompletion. Mono 1.2.6 is roughly 3 times slower than MS .NET 2. From a little testing, it appears there are a few bugs with Mono (not sure why though).

3. How do I interact with the CLR?

Accessing the CLR from IronScheme is trivial. Here are a list of syntax forms for generation direct method calls, and direct field access to CLR types.
  • clr-static-event-add!
  • clr-static-event-remove!
  • clr-event-add!
  • clr-event-remove!
  • clr-clear-usings
  • clr-using
  • clr-reference
  • clr-is
  • clr-cast
  • clr-call
  • clr-static-call
  • clr-field-get
  • clr-field-set!
  • clr-static-field-get
  • clr-static-field-set!
  • clr-prop-get
  • clr-prop-set!
  • clr-static-prop-get
  • clr-static-prop-set!
  • clr-indexer-get
  • clr-indexer-set!
  • clr-new
  • clr-new-array

Helpers for .NET people:
  • clr-foreach

4. What editor/IDE can I use?

  • An IronScheme/R6RS system is available in xacc.ide. It also provides an interactive console, outlining, navigation and code completion.
  • Emacs with NeilVanDyke's quack.el
  • SchemeWay plugin with Eclipse
  • Vim

5. How is the DLR different in IronScheme?

  • Compiler focused, not interpreter focused
  • Much smaller
  • Supports tail calls
  • Support direct method references