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Running the interactive console

  • Desktop: double click IronScheme
  • Windows: IronScheme.Console
  • Mono: mono IronScheme.Console.exe (where the latter can be found)

The interactive console will run a file called from the current directory.

Use the TAB key for context sensitive command completion in the REPL.

Running programs

  • Desktop: n/a (you could provide your own file association, if desired)
  • Windows: IronScheme.Console filename args ...
  • Mono: mono IronScheme.Console.exe filename args ...

Evaluating expressions from the command line

echo (+ 1 2) | IronScheme.Console

prints 3

Compiling programs

  • Desktop: n/a
  • Windows: IronScheme.Console filename -compile
  • Mono: mono IronScheme.Console.exe filename -compile

Compiling is not really compiling. It only does the expansion process.
This however, is normally a time consuming process, depending on macro usage.
Thus, the files can load and compile in a very quick time.

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