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[Call For Participation] Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop 2015

Aug 2, 2015 at 5:10 AM
Call For Participation:

Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop 2015
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
(Co-located with ICFP 2015)

Important Dates:
  • August 3rd, 2015 - Early Registration Deadline
  • September 4th, 2015 - Workshop
Accepted Papers:
  • R7RS Considered Unifier of Previous Standards - William D Clinger (Northeastern University)
  • State Exploration Choices in a Small-Step Abstract Interpreter - Steven Lyde and Matthew Might (University of Utah)
  • Towards a Foundation for Extending microKanren Constraints - Jason Hemann and Daniel P. Friedman (Indiana University)
  • Type Check Removal Using Lazy Interprocedural Code Versioning - Baptiste Saleil and Marc Feeley (Université de Montréal)
We will also have invited distilled tutorials on:
  • Hygenic Macros - Ryan Culpepper (Northeastern University)
  • miniKanren - Will Byrd and Michael Ballantyne (University of Utah)
Along with a report on The Revised 7 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme from
William D Clinger (Northeastern University)

More information available at:

  • Andy Keep, Cisco Systems Inc. (General Chair)
  • Ryan Culpepper, Northeastern University (Program Chair)
(Apologies for duplications from cross-posting.)